Global Tool Sourcing

Mission: Provide on time and reliable support to our customers in the plastic industries. Support our customers with quality workmanship, flexible solutions and confidence in the services we provide. Insure our operation has as little impact to the environment as possible. Be a profitable business that will provide full service support for proto-type tooling, mass production molds and global tooling.

Scope: Provide our customers with a variety of manufacturing solutions. Our core values are to manufacture on time, reliable, and cost competitive tooling for our customers. Provide domestic and global sourcing options to meet cost targets and schedules. Also, provide a service center for globally built tooling to insure customer satisfaction.

Description: Trifecta Tool & Engineering LLC. main focus is to support suppliers in the plastic manufacturing industry in North America and globally. We produce a variety of tooling, fixtures and molds in North America. We also when required support global tool sourcing with communication, tracking, and maturation support in Ohio and in Asia. The global sourcing strategy is to leverage our connections and technical agreements with our Asian partners to provide quality cost effective options for our customers.

Trifecta-Off-shore Presentation