Cap & Closure Mold Making

Hard tuning of mold components and other hardened turned components has become a more economical way of keeping costs down while maintaining quality and precision and increasing productivity. Components of multi cavity tools can be finished tuned rather than ID/OD ground  and be fully interchangeable with mating mold components.

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  1. Shut off angles and shoulders can be hard turned in one operation to insure concentricity and accuracy.
  2. Milling and drilling operations can also be completed in a one set up operation during the turning process.
  3. Components of a multi cavity mold are 100% interchangeable with maintaining correct stack heights and tolerances.
  4. Mold spindles for unscrewing tools can be made in one operation turned, milled , drilled and gear hobbed all in one set up.

Below is video of the Okuma LB3000MYW live tool lathe